CSST - Developmental Studies mission
CSST - Developmental Studies is an Italy-based environmental research organizations.

We provide researching and consulting in the field of environmental and developmental studies.

Though based in Italy, CSST - Developmental Studies is active all over the world.

Terms like Environment and Development are here used in their broader meanings, to include all fields of human activity.

Fields of study Our researching and consulting range from environmental theory issues - like investigating the concept and applicability of the Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) - to exploring the past and the future of our urban communities and cities - as in the research about Consonno, a small community in Northern Italy "victim" of environmentally unsustainable behaviors.

Sustainable Urban Life Sustainability of urban life is a main topic of CSST - developmental Studies activity. Human beings have the habit to gather into larger communities: our researches aim at investigating how these communities develop, behave themselves, manage the resources they have, enter into competition with, or cooperate with, other communities.

Sustainable Development: more than just natural resources Environmental and developmental studies cannot be limited to the management of physical resources only. Water, air, soil, and all other physical resource we make use of and need cannot be studied and managed without taking into consideration the prymary and most important resource of them all: ourselves. That's why CSST - Developmental Studies pays great attention to studying social science issues: culture, demography, anthropology, are all topics and themes of major importance in our vision of environmental studies.